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Knitters unite!


Knitting has been a craze in the UK for some time with the V&A running knitting workshops and knitting clubs springing up around the country to save more than just a few stitches but perhaps saving what was becoming a dying craft/tradition.

We are very quickly losing the skills of the cable knit and moss stitch. Who out there can remember how to cast off? I have had a number of friends recently interested in and taking up crochet classes but not a mention of knitting. Is it because knitting is more time consuming, complex and doesn’t develop our object of desire as quickly as we would like? Some designers are doing some fabulous things with knitting and it should not be as easily discarded as a viable creative option as is free form interpretative dance as a medium. Just look at the work of Donna Wilson.

I’m very interested in knowing if there is anyone out there breathing some life into the craft of knitting particularly in ‘Oz’ land and Sydney. Please contact me through the comments. There are many of us who would love to see what you’re doing. In the meantime check out these crazed knitters in England.

cast off

I’d also like to hear some of your thoughts about setting up something as dynamic but with a down-under flavour – I dare you!

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