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Marianne Brandt

Where are the great women of Design?

Marianne Brandt (1893 – 1983) widely known for her modernist metal design is currently on show at the Berlin Museum of design in the ‘tempo tempo’ exhibition until January 9, 2006 featuring her photomontages. These photomontages made of snippets from the Weimar Republic’s illustrated press deal with society, women and the culture of progress in the 1920s. Through montage she critically views contemporary society and politics.These works are very timely – are we headed toward similar times where we are seeing the dangerous side of modern technology, militarisation and the implications for modern society? The photomontages are a unique personal documentation of a woman and is a remarkable documentation of a personal yet minimalist (the prevailing Bauhaus ethos) and political statement about her times.


Marianne Brandt studied painting and sculpture at the Grand-ducal College of Fine Arts in Weimar. She enroled at the Bauhaus in 1924, where she entered the metal workshop. In 1928 she became temporary head of the metal workshop. In 1929 she left the Bauhaus to work in Walter Gropius’s architectural office in Berlin (1928-29) before being appointed as a designer for the Ruppelwerk GmbH, a metalware manufacturer in Gotha (1929-1932). In 1932 she returned to Chemnitz and worked independently, returning also to painting. In 1949-1951 she taught at the Dresden College of Free and Applied Arts as well as the Institut für Angewandte Kunst in Berlin (1951-1954). In her later years, she turned to painting and sculptures.

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