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Future classic; Polder


Hella Jongerius gets down and dirty about formal design in an informal way to come up with the essentially simple yet classic lines of the Polder sofa. It was revealed for the first time at the 2005 Milan Furniture Fair, for Vitra’s home collection. Along with the lounge she has designed for Vitra a series of embroidered poofs.

Essentially, Jongerius hates sofas and finds they all end up looking the same however the urge to have something to lie on after a long day of work is the drive for the project.

Hence something long and soft and inviting. Polder reflects her interest in collage, materials and developing interesting combinations of fabrics, shades of colour and varied textures rather than uniformity. Large vintage buttons neatly fasten the streamlined cushions roughly crisscrossed with coloured wire and contrasting threads. Buttons are made of horn, mother of pearl and bamboo and randomly arranged. The end result is not only functional but visually pleasing.

Alice Rawsthorn, director of London’s design Museum, says

One of the most important themes in contemporary design is to instil industrially produced objects with the character and complexity that people have traditionally loved in antiques and craftsmanship. By creating unexpected contrasts of the old and new, unlikely materials and unexpected symbols, Jongerius plays on our preconceptions of different typologies, production processes and materials to imbue her work with meaning.

(Pol Oxygen, issue 15)

Polder certainly is one of the most attractive sofa designs I have seen in a long time. Along with many others I agree this will become one of the future classics. I could live with this piece for a very long time.

via Mocoloco

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