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Predictions for 2006

Well it’s that time of the year where we take stock and make our resolutions for the following year – not for me.

I’m going to take this opportunity to make a few predictions for the world of design. We’re going through a phase where so many trends pop up, become successful, disappear and reappear again. So as brave and ridiculous as this may seem I’ll give you my deepest thoughts on this and sit back and either tick off my list as they happen and say told you so or eat my hat (if and when they come into fashion).

So here it is – my list of hot predictions for 2006;

  • The not so humble jumpsuit currently struggling to make a return will take a foothold
  • The Hella Jongerius design approach will influence the design world and we will start to see more designers with a maker’s mark to industrially manufactured products
  • Imperfection and flaws will be built into the design of objects
  • Stone finish textured walls will become an interior feature
  • The use of colour both interior and exterior will become more adventurous
  • Designers will design kits for DIY type ornaments, lighting, furniture and fixtures and will encourage the use of recycled materials
  • Patricia Urquiola will be the designer to make a feminine crafted head-way through out the year
  • Bape will become recognised around the world

As you can see the versatile jumpsuit is high on my list. I love a jumpsuit, the all in one fashion statement with extreme attitude. No one has done so with greater success than our very cool Mr Dave Graney spotted performing in a varity of coloured jumpsuits across the country. It could be coupled with the cape for accent but on it’s own will do just fine.

As far as fashion goes in general, I don’t see any major developments other than more on the same late 70s theme, boho, flowing, etc with the addition of the tailored suit. The high waist trouser will try to make the comeback but will fail as it always does as it can’t stand alone, they must be accompanied by the frightful shoulder pad and o one is prepared to go there, however we will see the return of the chunky hand knit.

I don’t need to expand on Hella Jongerius as I have mentioned her on other occassions, but do take some time to look at her website. She is a designer par excellence and has a proven track record graduating from Droog to her own design practice. She has the sensibility that resonates with the present and is about the personalised, touched, worn, handled and loved. She is about manufacture but not by machines alone. She brings back the craftsperson at a time where we had lost their presence in the completed work. Furthermore, the market will expect the maker’s mark pushing manufacturers to leave recognisable flaws as part of the finish.

As a flow on from this I am predicting that smooth flat surfaces will be a thing of the past and by the end of the year (if not sooner) we will see the return of stone finish textured walls in our domestic environments as either feature walls, ceilings and foyers. Bold colour a la Porters Paint palettes are already popular and will remain so however more people will introduce a colour palette to their environment and become more adventurous than the past. The white cube will still be with us and it will be difficult to escape now that all domestic developers have taken it on as an easy design option however all economic things being equal in 2006, we will find the cube defaced by murals, stencils, bold colour and texture creating an exciting patchwork that is no less about elegance and good taste than about adding human and crafty elements.

And who better than Patricia Urquiola to make some bold yet feminine statements along with Jongerius about surfaces and ‘skin’ materials for the domestic space?

Last but not least Bape! Finally we will come to understand what the appearance of these small apes means, where they come from, what they represent, why they are so popular with youth, who makes them, what the makers believe and how they have taken over our consciousness through non promotion and the internet. Bape is here to teach us a few lessons – one being new forms of communication and the power that lies therein.

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