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Miami’s first design festival; design.05 Miami

Design festivals are popping up everywhere with Miami joining the ranks a few weeks ago with design.05 Miami.


This is Miami’s first year and the critics are applauding the event as one of the best with 14 quality gallery spaces and a speaker’s program topped with Pritzker Architechure prize winner Zaha Hadid who was awarded the honor of designer of the year.


For this honor the recipient created a site-specific work seen above.

Design 05. Miami, was staged at the same time as the Miami art fair – Art Basel Miami Beach which I think is a great idea. This is the best way to maximise your audience attendances and gives a full program to choose from. It is usually the case that the same people who attend design events are the same audience who enjoy the fine arts. There is certainly an overlap that this programing addresses. If Sydney had the same opportunity, we ought to be trying it as well however the climate differs here with now an annual program of festivals biennales and events that try not to compete with one another and that do not share ticketing hence a peleton programing mentatlity prevails to the extent that we now have two design programs in one year – one for the younger up and coming, experimental alternative/fringe designer and the other for the established designers and industry audience. Did I also mention the trade shows? These all take place either before or after Sydney Design 05.

Nevertheless Sydney’s design festival , Sydney Design 05, is now into it’s 9th year and perhaps has added to the competition that has bought about a plethora of design festivals around the globe. Perhaps we have been more aware of the need for design in everything. We take things a little less for granted in the antipodeans; we are quite aware of what it’s like to live without.

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