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I had some free time this afternoon and headed off to the MCA to see the Kienholz exhibition.

I’m totally blown out! I have been a great admirer of Ed Kienholz and Nancy Reddin’s work since my days at Art College but it is one thing to see a body of work in an art book to seeing it first hand.
The works are uncompromising and deal with a range of topics from themes of power, politics and money to inequality, war, prostitution and child abuse – all current issues.


The works are raw, intense, and topical. I’m predicting this exhibition will have a strong impact on visual artists of Sydney.

It has come along at the right time. Paul, an artist friend who’s work has relied heavily on graphical elements, is himself steering away from the digital and returning to the raw, grunge aspect of art of the 70s – work that makes it blatantly obvious it has been executed by the human hand and is unmediated by manufactured or commercial processes. The trend has been breaking territory for some time however the mainstream hasn’t embraced it until now.
The MCA’s programming has struck a chord with the psyche of many artists and has keyed it into the new directions of the visual arts.
Well done! I see this as a landmark exhibition for the MCA.

Go see it now!

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