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JMGA biennal conference – Sydney 2006


on Location: making stories:
jewellers & metalsmiths group of australia
biennial conference – 2006

The next JMGA conference is in Sydney 27-29 January, – (yippee this will bring my brother – Vito Bila, jewellery designer and metalsmith and his partner Rosanne Bartley – jewellery designer, up from Melbourne for a weekend with baby Mariana. I get to play with her).

Ruudt Peters-Iosis.jpg

The conference promises to be a good one.

The 2006 JMGA conference aims to take makers, collectors, critics and thinkers out of the comfort zone of their normal environments and places them ‘on location’; a hypothetical site where speculation, inspiration and the accidental can emerge and diverge, questioning the place of the production of meaning.

On Location: making stories will take place at the following locations

Participants include;

Margaret West (Australia), artist, writer, gardener – keynote address
Ruudt Peters (The Netherlands), artist – keynote address
Suzie Attiwill (Australia), interior designer
Elin Howe (Australia), writer, curator
Rian de Jong (Netherlands), artist
Damian Skinner (New Zealand), writer
Louise Hamby (Australia), anthropologist, curator

This promises to attract a large number of jewellery designers to the event.

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