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Tasmeem Doha 2006; ‘Without You, I’m Nothing: Design in Need of Community, Community in Need of Design’

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There are so many exciting discussions around the world and this is one of them. I thought I really need to post on this to point out that Lydia Pearson & Pamela Easton will be speaking – both Australian, and both usually extremely difficult to get to speak at local events as they’re working in India in their design studio and workshop.

The conference runs from 20 to 23 February at the School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUQ), continuing the discussion initiated in Tasmeem 2004 and 2005 regarding the role design plays in shaping identity, determining the quality of life, and driving the economy of the region.

Presentations in areas of Communication Design, Fashion Design and, Interior Design include;

  • Bruce Mau Communication Design, Architecture, Interior Design
  • Stefan Sagmeister Communication Design
  • Saki Mafundikwa Communication Design
  • Mario Gagliardi Communication Design, Interior Design, Product Design
  • Aly Khalifa Communication Design, Fashion Design, Product Design
  • Steve Badanes Architecture, Interior Design
  • Khaled Asfour Architecture, Interior Design
  • Eva Maddox Interior Design
  • Ruben & Isabel Toledo Fashion Design, Fine Arts
  • Lydia Pearson & Pamela Easton Fashion Design
  • Li Edelkoort Fashion Design

The theme of the conference, ‘Without You, I’m Nothing: Design in Need of Community, Community in Need of Design’

conveys a symbiosis between the designer and those he/she designs for and suggests that it is imperative to understand the roles of all the collaborators and participants in the design process

This year’s conference will address the following:

  • Methods of integrating the community (especially the decision-makers within the community) into the design process.
  • Design processes that deal with the specific conditions of a particular place and time, social, environmental, economic, demographic, etc, to develop identity.
  • Ways in which to evaluate the success of a design in serving the needs of the community.
  • How a community can learn to behave as a client.
  • How foreign designers participate in the process of developing a country’s particular identity
  • How design can enhance a sense of community in a place where the community is disconnected.

This looks extremely interesting particularly for anyone out there interested in the role of the modern design industry in Qatar or similar locations.

Via Dexigner & AGDA

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