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Pattern recognition @Object

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Pattern recognition examines pattern as an energised and expressive language within contemporary Australasian practice. The work consciously investigates strategies of making that are avidly articulated through pattern as surface transformation and pattern as form itself. (Object issue 48)

Just like Cayce Pollard, the hyper sensitive forecaster or ‘coolhunter’ of Gibson’s novel Pattern Recognition, the exhibition curator, Rhana Devenport explores ways in which the artist recognises and uses patterns – the specialist who is associated with and reflects social, cultural practices and ideas through a language of pattern.

The works are exquisite, the techniques and processes of each artist / designer are unique and the theory is sound.

Artists include, Joanna Bone, Helen Britton, David Trubridge, Queensland’s Wik Women Weavers, Ann-Maree Hanna, Mel Robson, Dorothy Filshie, Sara Hughs and Damien Frost.

Get down and see it.

21 January – 19 March 2006 A floor talk with curator, Rhana Devenport will take place on Saturday 21 January, at 3.00pm.

  1. Joanna
    October 12, 2010 at 6:36 pm

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    The present books are intended to collect representative researches around the globe focusing on low-level vision, filter design, features and image descriptors, data mining and analysis, and biologically inspired algorithms.
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