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+ Marc Newson designs the qantas A380 airbus

+ Melbourne Sydney rivalry fuelled again

+ Victoria’s newly appointed first State Government Architect – fuels the rivalry further

+ Pol Oxygen does imm International Furniture Fair

Marc Newson.jpg

Marc Newson designs Qantas’s new A380 Airbus

‘At 41, the Sydney-born, globe-trotting Marc Newson is a king-hitter in the exclusive arena of industrial design. Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people of 2005. Open any overseas glossy magazine at the moment and you’ll see him, bearded and grinning, in an ad atop luggage he’s designed for Samsonite’.

He has already designed many private jets and loves aircraft so this is the perfect job for him even though he may feel he has bitten off more than he can chew. I can’t wait to see the outcome – I suspect lots of orange, his favourite colour.


The Melbourne / Sydney rivalry continues.

Sydney may have its Opera House, but Danish architect Joern Utzon’s grand work has done nothing to nurture the local culture — which is why Melbourne, not the harbour city, has emerged as the world’s design city of the moment

argues RMIT University’s innovation professor of architecture, Leon van Schaik, in his new book, Design City Melbourne, due to be published in March.

Does he forget we also have buildings designed by Renzo Piano and Sir Norman Foster. There is a distinctive look to Melbourne as there is to Sydney and we will forever have our biases dependant on which city we favour and what we have become accustomed to. I am not seduced by architecture that can leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed and dwarfed. There is more to life than landmark buildings and for me Sydney offers a lifestyle I cannot enjoy elsewhere.

The RAIA welcomes Victoria’s newly appointed first State Government Architect. It’s seen as confirmation of the Bracks Government’s commitment to ensuring Victoria kept its competitive advantage in terms of design and the built environment.

I guess this will further feed the Melbourne / Sydney rivalry. It does get boring.

And last but not least, Pol Oxygen does a special feature on the imm Cologne international furniture fair.

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