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Divine paper armchair design by Tokujin Yoshioka

Tokujin Yoshioka.jpg

It was not until I looked at this image closely that I became aware of what a beautiful and remarkably crafted piece this is. As the article suggested, I was knocked off my feet. It’s made of hundreds of sheets of cut-out paper carefully glued together to create the form and ranks among the most original furniture designs of the century.

Honey-Pop, has been on display at the Museum of Modern Art Since 2004

where it holds its own among the finest innovations of the previous 100 years, from bentwood to cantilevered steel to the ubiquitous modern plastics. As sculpture, Honey-Pop is also utterly beautiful.

It was first spotted at the 2002 Milan furniture fair where each piece was cut out of its paper housing and pulled apart by hand to reveal the honey-comb structure.

Yoshioka, then 35, was making his — and Honey-Pop’s — debut at the world’s most prestigious design event after having trained under the late Shiro Kuramata and working for Issey Miyake, designing clothing stores and eye-popping exhibitions

Even though the Honey-Pop is made of paper it is structurally strong it can support the weight of the person seated. As an added advantage, the paper is biodegradable. But for me the highlight is it’s sculptural quality and ethereal essence. It’s somewhat more than a chair and beyond function and form. It resides a space beyond design and more in the realm of art and the sublime. I sure would like to see this in either an Australian collection or at least a touring exhibition.

Honey-Pop is on display at the Japan Information and Culture Center on 21st Street NW as part of “Japanese Design Today 100”.

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