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Autoban in Istanbul

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Autoban is a line of two designers from Istanbul, Seyhan Ozdemir and Sefer Caglar, who do wonderful things with flat plains. They debuted at this year’s 100% Design fair in London with Bergere. The design maintains a traditional high back and closed sides of the classical French armchair but introduces a modern angularity with minimal padding and colour schemes. The proportions are archetypal and retain an angularity and contemporary simplicity of form. Bergere, whilst giving a minimal and utilitarian impression looks very much like the packaging or a box. It is the interior that invites you to lounge and become a part of the more recognisable aspect of sitting.

It’s a truly beautiful piece and a simple redefinition of armchair that is elegant, unfussy and functional. Upholstery is in wool (46 colours) or perforated leather in black, in oak, walnut, and birch plywood. A sofa version is also available.

Check out their beautifully designed website (it’s also quite humorous) and Sleepy the rocking chair – I want them all.

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  1. Trischberger Michael
    May 6, 2009 at 4:03 am

    just came back from istanbul a friend ( angela schlösser “pensionfuerprodukte.de” ) gave me your name – i am doing a projekt supported by the goethe institut in istanbul this year – i would like to get in contact with you perhaps something will come out – my last piece i did was on top of sürmeli hotel gayretepe – could not send you a picture did not get out how –
    hope to hear from you

    michael trischberger

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