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Sexing up the lookout

auland lookout.jpg

As described by Wallpaper, this is an extraordinary structure and unique in the world of lookout design. Designed by architects Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen, the lookout was the winning entry in a 2002 design competition held by Norway’s Highway Department.

The design is spectacular but light on environmental impact. The steel frame is clad in a heat treated local timber that appears regular and seamless. It arches effortlessly to plunge back into the mountainside.

In a world of hard-edged glass and steel constructions, the Aurland Lookout’s elegant lines, wood cladding and outstanding setting make it the year’s ultimate viewpoint. The architecture is far from overwhelming, but that’s the point: when you’re on the walkway, the entire structure seems to melt away.

The Aurland Lookout will be officially opened in June

Via Wallpaper

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