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“undercover”, “hot movement spots” and “seeding”

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Who would have thought these terms would relate to the fashion industry rather than the military, undercover police or the ASIO. Yep, as far and wide as Africa, the marketeers of the next latest fads are taking it to the streets, enlisting the aid of the new cool and hip youth to get the word out and about about their products, spreading the word about the new cool.

Local trend forecasting company Instant Grass have about 120 trend scouts or “grasses” (in London speak, “informers”) strategically situated around South Africa. They’re all between the ages of 15 and 28 — and they’re paid to be keyed into what’s cool.

Very interesting, it seems Vivienne Westwood’s name gets thrown around quite a bit to justify taking to the streets in order to get fashion. These so called trend agencies seem to forget that Westwood was a part of the subculture she bought to popularity. She was out there living it and breathing it. What the trend spotters of today are up to is something quite different and throws up ethical concerns.

If a clothing label wants to push their products within a certain target group, they send out a “grass” to demonstrate a subtle form of “product placement” by wearing the clothing, complimenting people who are wearing their products or subtly driving conversations in a way that shows the products in a favourable light

…….. Naomi Klein (‘No Logo’) see[s] this kind of undercover advertising as another example of the invasion of big multinationals into our ever-shrinking private worlds

Is there no end to the extent marketing will go to?

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