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Podcasts: the new direction in museum experience

Attracting a new generation of museum visitor including those who can relate to the technology, those who feel comfortable experimenting with it and those who want to make their own museum critique, podcasting is on it’s way to becoming the alternative audio guide.

A tour can be downloaded from a home computer directly to an iPod or MP3 and taken to the Museum to be listened to while viewing an exhibition at leisure. Offering discounted entries to visitors using the technology, museums are laying the stones for a secure future attracting the new generation of technology users.

Paste Magazine states

This trend provides a new use for popular technology and allows visitors more control over their experience.

Podtours originated in the classroom: in 2004, David Gilbert, professor of communications at Marymount Manhattan College, and several students recorded their own interpretations of objects at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), …… A few months later MoMA instituted its own podtour narrated by its curators, giving visitors a choice between the museum’s official and the bloggers’ unofficial interpretations

A Museum production is perfect for those who prefer a backseat yet still like some control. It allows you to experience your own personal curatorial tour that can be played again and again.

Educators can use the technology to interpret collections, institutions and events, and extend the museum visit to suit classroom projects and interests of the students. Blogging and podcasing is the perfect means to put together an educational project, give the students an opportunity to voice their views and become the critic and have their opinions public.

As yet podcasting has not made much traction in Australian Museums and galleries however I anticipate we will be hot on the trail of institutions we admire and model ourselves upon.

The tours target a younger demographic—a coveted audience that ensures survival for the next generation

For a definitive and extremely well researched list of pocasting institutions visit M-o-d-e, an Australian blog about museums, objects, design and exhibitions and inspiration for this story.

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