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Curated shopping trend

The latest in retail trends seems to be the curated experience. I’m starting to find this term somewhat overused. By the way – I’m off for a spot of curating myself tomorrow hanging the Ultimo Project exhibition at the State Parliament House. I will have a piece on show as well……..I might post an image if I can overcome my lack of self promotional ability.

That aside here’s some more information about the trend.

Curated shopping–the concept of offering a selection of products as carefully edited as a museum collection–has become a retail buzzword in recent years (see “Shopping Etc.,” March 2005). Colette, in Paris, and Moss, in New York, helped pioneer the concept, and both still set the standard for others. Now every major North American city seems to have at least one independently owned store with a decidedly unique approach to shopping. When it comes to furnishing interiors, these shop-owners-turned-lifestyle-curators assemble a contemporary mix of art, design, and craft that is exuberantly decorative and conceptual, even ironic. Unlike the pop-up retail trend–low-maintenance stores that appear temporarily in urban areas–boutiques that mix local and global designs are in it for the long haul, acting as incubators for lesser-known talents with bright futures.

There are a number of blogs out there that already do this for you without having to deal with the celebrity element.

Link (via Beyond the Beyond)

via boing boing

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