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Crafting a vest or crafting a future

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The US is being hit by a home crafter movement that is set to get the DIY movement growing.

A new generation of crafters of all ages is whipping out flirty
skirts, handmade books, designer jewelry and savvy scrapbooks. They’re
inspired by pop culture, Urban Outfitters, the red carpet and the
kamikaze designing on Project Runway

Is this the start of a new movement or a reaction to something already hitting a tipping point?

I’d say a tipping point – these changes and the push towards DIY have already taken place in Australia and there is an obvious link to greater responsibility in production and taking control. I had made a prediction on this earlier this year – we will be seeing an increase and trend towards the hand-made.
A report by Cathy Cano Murillo in the US,

During coming months, expect an onslaught of alternative crafting books
and products. No fewer than 12 TV shows with a hipster edge are on the
air or about to debut.

There are reasons to prick up our ears but why get involved? We are losing skills and crafts that used to handed down from generation to generation, we are sick of slick, stylish manaufactured products and are less impressed by the machinations of the industrial world. In fact it has been the industrial world that has been responsible for social and environmental wrongs.

The world of advertising will have to change and adapt to this trend however there is a resistance by larger more conservative organizations who in an attempt to survive are probably subscribing more to the notion of seeding to popularise their products than moving with the times. I suppose there is room for his too but Virgin Records appears to be on the ball and is already endorsing the movement whilst continuing to popularise itself with a younger audience.

These are interesting times, not only are we experiencing climatic changes and changes in the availability of natural resources, we are perhaps quietly responding subconsciously and some consciously, to these changes however there is an insistent world out there that continues to deny this eventuation. Nevertheless, it appears a younger more enlightened generation is paving the way to a new way of living.

via makezine

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