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ICFF 2006 / Prefab Now II


Full-scale prefab models at Prefab Contemporary Houses will be a part of this year’s ICFF. Same time, same place, Dwell presents the Dwell Prefab Now II Conference. (via MoCo Loco)

ICFF has requested the design world’s leading educational institutions to present their students solutions to a topical problem that faculty members have formulated. This year the winning schools include Art Center College of Design, Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne(ECAL), Kuopio Academy of Design, New York Institute of Design (NYIT), Parsons School of Design/Konstfack/St. Etienne School of Art & Design, and Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

The displays will be amazing and I wish I had the means to see this event.

Projects will deal with;

  • immersion experience with appropriate fixtures and furniture, as well as the political, practical, and ecological issues raised
  • design objects, furniture and infrastructures that would foster enjoyable robotic experiences
  • furniture, textiles, and decorative objects for the home, with qualities that actually increase the user’s well-being, well-bieng the integral feature of any good design giving both competitive and an ethical edge
  • a dispaly of student-designed furniture pieces developed for submission to the international 2005 Solar Decathlon Competition
  • sustainable shelter desgin suitable for use in the event of a natural or man-made disaster including a system for water and/or energy delivery, and a service space for cooking, bathing, and sanitation
  • a space that encourages all those who enter – students, faculty, designers, artists, manufacturers, and visitors – to interactively engage in the design process and to educate one another

We are seeing an increased concern in social good, ethical and responsible design however this aspect is represented mainly by participating educational institutions and through the conference programs. I guess the commercial aspect allows the whole event to happen on a large scale but does give this movement the realistic push down the road to commercial viability and realism.

These design events are becoming more and more about vision and revision than just an event to sell and launch product.

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