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20/20 vision of the Ultimo project: an attempt at unabashed self-promotion


I recently wrote of an exhibition opening I had attended where I met barralist, Chandraguptha Thenuwara. Well that was my own opening as part of the Ultimo project survey of artists, 20/20 Vision at the State Paliament House in Macquaire Street, Sydney.

As one of the members of the cooperative I submitted a painting I had worked on over the past two years. It comprises 3 canvases of 1.5 metres square. Overall the work is 4.5 x 1.5 metres and painted in oils and reflects my undying fascination for all things Indian particularly ornamentation.

In typical fashion I started with a red panel. I’m easily seduced by deep rich colour however I quickly drew myself out of an almost ecstatic rapture to save myself in the second canvas which I believe has a more controlled tightness about it. The depth of the canvas field is shallower and is more about the surface rather than what can be seen through to the deeper layers – so it seems. After much layering and agony I couldn’t help myself again, somehow I managed to create a number of veiled layers in the background.

The third canvas lets loose altogether, even the arabesque pattern no longer follows logic and falls in and out of the foreground and background. The floral sticky images ooze down the surface like semi-dried egg yokes. As for it’s meaning? I can only say it’s an image that is still revealing itself in meaning and structure. It’s completely equivocal. Perhaps where I can’t see the obvious, you can.

The work is called Carcanet…being had, a triumph, being lacked, desired. I saw this an appropriate comment on imperialism and colonialism whilst being quite a nice comment on some relationships.

Your comments are appreciated so please don’t hesitate if you would like to offer an interpretation of your own.

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