ChangeX part 2

This weekend (11 & 12 March) is a big one at ChangeX so I recommend you go down and participate in the workshops on Saturday and Sunday. Email to register – or check the website for contact details
The program follows with a special invitation to after forum event, so join in the DIY workshops, take part in the discussions and learn ways in which you can participate in a more responsible world.


This Saturday, March 11th
From 11am – 4pm
Pine Street Creative Arts Centre
64 Pine Street, Chippendale

11am – 2pm
Create a beautiful hand-bound hardcover sketchbook. Bring a t-shirt and a stencil idea, a pile of scrap A4 paper of any stock, a cutting mat and a stanley knife/scalpel or you can borrow.

11am – 2pm
A stitchin, darnin, swappin, tinkering session. Breath new life into old clothes; patch, create, sexify. Bring along clothing items and see what can happen with a bit of a yarn and darn.

12pm – 2pm
Avid cyclists Peter, Phuong, Dan & Matt will be on hand to answer all your bike questions, give you tips on maintenance of your trusty seed, teach you how to repair & replace and inner tube, how to tune brakes, and what neon spandex bike shorts will best match your skin tones.

2pm – 3pm
Led by Robbie, Education Officer for the Association to Resource Cooperative Housing (ARCH), this info session will touch on topics including the nature of a cooperative organisation, the advantages of a coop structure, active coops in Sydney, and how a cooperative can be started. If you’ve always thought a coop is somewhere where chickens hang out, be surprised and inspired by the potentials of the coop structure for all sorts of areas of our society!

3pm – 4pm
For those of you who missed the Redfern-Waterloo “Tour of Beauty” on Sunday, and have little or no idea about the Redfern Waterloo Authority’s plans for the area, the community’s objections, history of the area, then come along to be educated by the local residents & SquatSpace collective members who will provide a crash course on what can and needs to be done to object to the ‘Draft’ Built Environment Plan recently released by the RWA for ‘community review’.


2-4pm, Sunday March 12th
Pine Street Creative Arts Centre.

The BRING YOUR SEED workshop is an amazing chance to bounce your seed ideas for a final year or major design project in any discipline off a panel of ecologically and socially conscious design consultants. The aim of this workshop is to encourage you on your paths towards sustainable design and ensure that your project will be started off on a solid and confident theoretical footing.

Paul Pholeros, Architect, Health Habitat and University of Sydney associate lecturer, Elliat Rich Industrial Designer, Centre for Appropriate Technology, Alice Springs, Anita Marosszeky Textile Designer, PHD student & Lecturer, University of Technology, Sydney, Greta Werner [Interior Designer, Circle Interiors, Sydney, Karl Logge & Tessa Rapaport, Graphic Designers, Makeshift Design, Abbey Mellick-Lopes, Industrial Design Lecturer, Product-Service Systems thinker, University of Western Sydney.

More speakers to be confirmed.


“LEFTOVERS – The Bits in Between Design”.

4pm – 7pm.
Same location

All speakers are giving their time for free, but we have to hire the space we are using to be open on a Sunday. We ask all those who are financially able, to make a donation at the forum to help us cover the expense of hiring the gallery.

PAUL PHOLEROS, is director of his own architectural practice based in Sydney. His talk will use two examples showing attempts at responsible design: (1) from the Sydney suburbs, his attempts at reducing physical space required in architectural projects, and (2) his work around Australia aimed at improving the health of Indigenous people by using design to improve the immediate living environment.

LINDA CORKERY, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at UNSW’s Faculty of the Built Environment. Her areas of special interest and expertise include: people/place relationships, wayfinding, ecological design and universal design, children’s environments, park and open space planning and design.

ELLIAT RICH, product designer who thinks that the shape and form of designed objects can give us lifestyle choices that can allow us to live crazy amazing lives. She is a designer at Alice Springs Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) where she works across a range of media, but her real passion is product design and how the design of objects can change the ways that people relate to each other and the environment.

RICHARD GOODWIN, Sydney based Artist/Architect, has been an exhibiting artist since 1976, during which time he has had 35 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions both here and overseas. Goodwin’s work uses public art as a way of interrogating architecture and public space.

CRAIG ALCHIN, Senior Urban Designer for Metropolitan Strategy at the NSW Department of Planning. ” WHO ATE THE LEFTOVERS?: The disappearance of the periphery in our global city… Leftover spaces are becoming a rarity in Sydney- What can we do to secure/ regain or reinvent the periphery to ensure there is a place for everyone in the global city of Sydney. I will be exploring the idea of artists as the agents of gentrification and talking about future opportunities for the fringe dwellers and leftovers across Sydney and beyond.”

We will then be heading to The Rose Hotel 1 block away to keep the talk rolling & celebrate the last event of ChangeX 2006!

Don’t forget to check out the blog for posts and updates.

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