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Deco Design by Avis Higgs

+ The winner of Australia’s top Architectural prize will be announced sometime today in Perth – still waiting to hear news

+ 100% Design gears up for September event

+ Patricia Urquiola for Alessi Watches – can anybody tell me the time?

+ Toilet seats in Australia reviewed by Standards Australia for the heftier build – OH&S on your butt!

+ Australian illustrator Joshua Gurrie gets a plug on Cool Hunting for his clean lines and cutting back on excessive ornamentation

+ Artist Avis Beere, 87, has been awarded the Governor-General Art Award 2006 as part of the Festival Exhibition at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. Working under the name Higgs, she was also head designer for Silk and Textile Printers in Sydney, a company known for its innovative Art Deco designs in the 1940s

  1. Avis Higgs
    April 25, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    I am Avis’s son in law and found your site when I sat Avis down in front of the computer and googled her name. She is with me now.

    Avis has a travelling exhibition of her 1940’s and early 1950’s designs at the Napier Museum in NZ. She is recognised as one of seven key historical Australian designers of the 20 th century by the Australian Government Culture and Recreation internet portal and as far as we understand is the only one of those listed who is still alive.

    Her design exhibition includes the design for the “When the Lights Come on on Again” which you have shown – this was done in Sydney after Avis attended the VE day celebrations at the end of the war. There were no buses or trams running after the parade and she came up with the idea for this design, which represents the end of the blackout, as she walked home that day.

    It would be great for Avis’s exhibition to be shown in Sydney where her designs started and for this to happen while she is still able to enjoy and contribute to the event.

    Can you assist? While Avis has lived and worked as an artist in NZ for the past 50 years and the NZ Governor General’s Award recognises this, her original textile design work is an Australian story and is not properly recognised in the country of its origin.


    Peter Steel

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