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Amos Latteier is pretty out there but I think there’s a lot we can learn about our world through Amos’s questioning and experimentation. He creates work that explores the lighter side of technology and the way we use it. He pokes fun at everything it seems, and prosthetic limbs even get a go in his books. His work examines the subtleties of DIY culture and the potential “emotional? impact of simple devices.

His potato battery would have to be one of my favourite projects not to mention the prosthetic butt. I can’t help imagining how useful an adaptation of this would be in a low technology culture. It’s a simple device that could work in a kind of Sci-fi way for load bearing work. Just look at the Q Drum.

By keeping it simple we can actually come up with the best solutions.

Gizmodo caught up with Latteier to discuss his artistic practice and creative philosophy last year. I highly recommend it – it’s an interesting read and still very relevant.

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