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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: archaeology meets contemporary art


I recently posted on a very interesting design group ATOPOS who are currently researching “Art and Technology in Fashionâ€? a project that is due to take place in 2008 at the New Benaki Museum in Athens and who will also be presenting an exhibition of original American paper dresses from the sixties, also at the Benaki Museum. Unfortunately their website has not yet been launched but they have promised to inform me as soon as it’s operative. From what I have seen of their work, I expect the site will be as inspirational.

In the meantime I’m posting some video stills from a piece ATOPOS have produced with artist / filmaker Marcus Tomlinson called Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, for the Archaeological Museum of Mystras in the Peloponnesus, Greece. Having travelled through the area a few years ago I’m sorry I had not made it there but can imagine what an exceptional setting this would be for this elegant and mysterious time piece.

In an article from the Kathimerini English edition, the video

[serves] as a contemporary artistic conceptualization of a remnant from the past and an independent work of art…..the idea was to present the find in an interdisciplinary fashion that brought the past into the present.[The] initiative is actually part of a broader program that is promoted by the Ministry of Culture’s directorate of museums, exhibitions and archaeological programs, a program that seeks alternative ways of presenting the finds in archaeological museums across the country.









Vassilis Zidianakis — costume designer, independent costume curator and co-founder and artistic director of Atopos and British artist and filmmaker Marcus Tomlinson were themselves inspired to make the video when they came across a post-Byzantine woman’s dress, one of the finds at the Museum of Mystras.

In the video, the remnants of the post-Byzantine dress are seen flying
through the air and coming together in very slow motion, almost like
meteorites or the pieces of a puzzle on the body of a female standing
figure (a dancer and collaborator of director Bob Wilson, Marianna
Kavallieratou). In the final frame, the garment is dismantled again and
the figure is seen standing in a spare outfit. The past is
reconstituted into the present and then broken down, opening the way to
the future.

Perhaps because of his background in anthropology, ethnology and the
history of civilizations (his post doctorate is on post-Byzantine
ecclesiastical vestments), from all the other finds Zidianakis was most
bewitched by the post-Byzantine female dress.

Marcus Tomlinson has worked with ATOPOS on another project – Infusion, a take on the traditional fustanella pleated skirt, for the exhibition Ptychoseis that was held in 2004 at the Benaki Museum’s New Wing. The few images, small as they may be, give an impression of the work.

Infusion stills from the film
by Marcus Tomlinson, 2004
Copyright Atopos – Marcus Tomlinson

Full story can be found on KATHIMERINI

Special thanks to Dimitris Koulouris and Artistic Director of ATOPOS, Vassilis Zidianakis

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