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Deyan Sudjic takes over where Alice Rawsthorn leaves off

A new director Deyan Sudjic, has been appointed to take over from Alice Rawsthorn at the Design Museum, London. After a little research I’m wondering whether this will suit the museum’s elite Board of Trustees or whether they may actually be lamenting the take-over.

On closer inspection Deyan Sudjic appears critical of the ego driven architect writing a piece for the observer on intellectual/ architectural property questioning the architect of the Gerkin, followed be the publication of his book The Edifice Complex.

A review by Jonathan Meades in the Times online comes to the revelation that

The rich and the powerful suffer a Pharaonic desire for the immortality
that apparently attaches to a built “legacy? — which is also their
architects’ legacy. There exists a commonality of interest.

The boys on the board could feel troubled or perhaps supported by someone who understands their legacy. Sudjic is known to be soft toward the starchitect class. Perhaps he is seen as the fitting candidate and expert on monuments to nations to fulfil the Modernist dream.
I’m looking forward to more statements and discussion on the topic

Special thanks to John from Designed Objects who is also following this with great interest.

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  1. John Smith
    August 4, 2006 at 2:39 am

    The Board at Design Museum revere Deyan.

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