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A ‘we-make-money-not-art’ perspective on Salone 2006

Some of the most interesting entries I've found are through we-make-money-not-art who are extremely talented at finding the most interesting exhibits. I hope you will enjoy my favourites from these guys.


From students of Ron Arad of Deisgn Product at RCA London – Markus Bergstrom imagined that rapid prototyping could be used to make life scale models of family and friends – they look amazing.


Hajime Kakihana designed for Ototo a shower head called Heavenly Rain. The attachment turns the water into a fog. The bathroom turns into a place of relaxation and self-reflection.


Undercover, a working prototype designed by Dana Gordon and Alejandro Zamudio Sanchez.
It's a sound-scape you can wear on a cold night/day. The beauty is you can wirelessly connect to an audio source leaving you free to do what you like and by tugging on the corners of the blanket you can quickly adjust the volume to suit your mood. I want one too!


Petra Eichler and Susanne Kessler's Sound of Silence 1.This installation is made of white paper forming a forest that you can wonder through, with extreme care, as the paper can tear – grasshopper! The changing lighting suggests the coming of dawn and a living landscape.


At Tuttobene, Damian O'Sullivan shows the medical prosthesis he re-designed. Upon recovery, the eye-patch, arm-cast, neck-brace and crutch can be kept and treasured, and proudly exhibited.


Gaetano Pesce's Mediterraneo changes colour, emits a scent and moves like a jellyfish!


Ross Lovegrove was showing the concept car Aerospace – a solar powered hybrid developed with Sharp Solar Europe, Swarovski Optical Laboratories, General Motors and Coggiola, the automobile prototype specialist based in Turin

You will find more at we-make-money-not-art

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