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Art School confidential

I don't often go to movies when travelling but having trained as a painter and been to art school I couldn't miss this film nor the opportunity to see the film before my friends in Sydney. Did I mention it stars John Malkovich who gives an interesting interpretation and characterization of the frustrated, washed out artist turned educator who is still seeking recognition for his interpretation of the triangle? I hope that has you interested. Read more…

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Confessions of an undisciplined tourist

May 28, 2006 1 comment

Feeling like a parent who has neglected their child I feel compelled to at least write a brief note to apologise for not feeding my blog, forcing it into a state of hibernation, until I am finally able to elaborate on my Toronto experiences.  I guess I should write a brief outline of what I have done and mean to do while I'm here and what I intend to post on. 

Well this is my list

  • Design Exchange
  • Contact exhibitions
  • The Distillery District
  • Queen Street East and West districts
  • A new design concept store – all to be revealed in an extended post
  • Toronto a city under development
  • Obligatory tourist visit to the CN Tower
  • Toronto Open – this weekend
  • St Lawrence Antique Market
  • Niagara Falls (well I did get there but didn't see much due to Niagara Fog!)
  • The History of Cycling in Toronto Exhibition

This is by no means complete but a preview of upcoming posts.

Until then……..

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Lost in Toronto

I suppose you will be pleased to hear the world is not flat and I didn't fall off the edge however I have been in Toronto for the past fortnight or so, sick as a dog due to adjustment to this unpleasant climate.   I have been around town and found lots of wonderful things to do other than attending family events.  I have taken in a movie, exhibitions, cafes and a trip to the CN tower.  A full report later – off to Niagara Falls right this moment so more later

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There are many ways to generate pattern in design from dropping bags filed with paint onto a canvas, or as Pollack did, suspending dripping tins of paint and swinging them or splattering with a brush onto the surface. Australian digital artist Pierre Poske has developed computer software that translates different frequencies in voice modulation into patterns.

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