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Confessions of an undisciplined tourist

Feeling like a parent who has neglected their child I feel compelled to at least write a brief note to apologise for not feeding my blog, forcing it into a state of hibernation, until I am finally able to elaborate on my Toronto experiences.  I guess I should write a brief outline of what I have done and mean to do while I'm here and what I intend to post on. 

Well this is my list

  • Design Exchange
  • Contact exhibitions
  • The Distillery District
  • Queen Street East and West districts
  • A new design concept store – all to be revealed in an extended post
  • Toronto a city under development
  • Obligatory tourist visit to the CN Tower
  • Toronto Open – this weekend
  • St Lawrence Antique Market
  • Niagara Falls (well I did get there but didn't see much due to Niagara Fog!)
  • The History of Cycling in Toronto Exhibition

This is by no means complete but a preview of upcoming posts.

Until then……..

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