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More on the Toronto Waterfront ‘Revitalization’


I think it's worthwhile adding this link as Archinect has hosted a feisty discussion that will certainly add dimension to what is going on.

There is issue with the use of the iconic Maple leaf symbol as the shape of the reclaimed site as there would be issue here in Sydney if we had decided to use the image of a kangaroo. The Maple leaf is kitsch and cheesy – more a symbol of Canada than Toronto.

Apart from giving this 'backage' of the city green space (which is by no means bad particularly for many of those condo dwellers on the lake), how will the space be used outside of summer season, how will it improve the night life and increase facilities in the area and most of all how will it integrate and articulate with the rest of the city that backs onto the lakeside? I wonder whether it would be satisfactory to accept the fact that this is not a city that centres itself on life on the lake as other international cities do due to climatic reasons (winters here are extremely cold), and simply be satisfied with a lakeside that is the back-end of town allowing room for small scale alternative businesses, venues and lifestyles rather than becoming a zooped up white elephant.

Last but not least – it will look good from the sky and on google earth.

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