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Paul Davies @ Tim Olsen Gallery

Paul Davies opens tonight at the the Tim Olsen Gallery. Paul creates a post 70s post boogie nights feel with his poolside and suburban scapes. One can imagine the pool parties, the speedos, big hair and handle-bar moustaches, aviator glasses, the aspirational lifestyles of the middle to upper middle classes, the excess in all things material – all we aspire to today if only we had the money and the time. Very cool, very now.

Paul is a talented, enthusiastic and energetic artist who always delivers and who clearly understands the art market . This is not to say the work is remiss in any way. It is clever, competent and expertly executed with a touch of the not too slick – a return to the painters mark while keeping one foot in the design camp by referencing the architecture of a great Australian, Harry Seidler and through his architectural draftsmanship style.

@ 76 Paddington Street
Paddington NSW 2021

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