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New Inventors, an exercise in democratic design

The Biolytix
Biolytix Filter by Dean Cameron

Tonight I watched one of my favourite programs in a rather reflective mode – The New Inventors 100th show. I may have been under the influence of a glass or two of wine, nevertheless I realised for the first time how much I enjoy this program. I couldn’t help but reflect on the reasons why. The program does not present celebrity designers like Rashid, Lovegrove, Arad or Philip Starck, rather it presents inventors of all ages, male and female from all walks of life, who have dedicated their time and energy to the efforts of improving our lifestyles not only through good and saleable design but also through thoughtful, functional and recognisably needed design, innovation and sometimes invention.

Most of these individuals have not studied or understood the processes of design and have come about it through the process of passionately adhering to their beliefs. Inventions range from bio degradable nappies to a solution to the unsightly g-string straps that ride above your jeans.

Many of the products reviewed by the program and special guest panalists are either in production, in the final phases of development, prototypes or already on the market. The program not only brings these backyard designers to light but also promotes their product to a wider audience, encourages others to believe in their ideas and themselves and stimulates others to follow in their footsteps.

One of the most notable inventions and winner if the 2005 Invention of the Year is John Dolbozy with his Molectra Tyre Recycling system, a new recycling technology for extracting lucrative materials from waste tyres, economically and environmentaly.

John Dobozy

Through his invention John is able to tap the unused energy in discarded tyres and converts them back into raw oil and a number of other useful materials. The process reclaims all of the components that make up a tyre cleanly and efficiently without waste, residue, or emissions whilst extracting various products for re-use. The process recycles 100% of the tyre. The process is described on the site.

I do recommend you visit the site to learn more about the individuals who have been featured and who have so passionately pursued their vision and hope they will be also an inspiration to you. They are truly a lesson to all designers that you don’t have to look cool and funky to be a successful designer and that the field of design is open to us all.

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