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In your face: contemporary graphic design

Priest Beer by Reg Mombassa

In your face: contemporary graphic design will open at the Powerhouse Museum on 5 August as a feature of Sydney Design 06 and will run until end of January 2007.

The exhibition will present mainstream and alternative design from new media, motion graphics, animation, music video, and web design through to large scale billboard design, comic design, poster design, book design, and magazine design. The designs have been created for a broad spectrum of clients from community groups to large corporations like Toyota. The unique identity program for Dare Jennings (the founder of Mambo) collaborator for a new Japanese-inspired customised motorcycle flagship store, Deus ex Machina will also be featured.

The exhibition will also have a selection of 20th Century graphic design archives with works juxtaposing contemporary pieces. It will enlighten and enliven the design process and will also display the impact of technological changes on graphical representation.

Includeed in the exhibition are Crumpler, Reg Mombassa, Frost Design, Nathan Jurevicius, Boccalatte, Deuce Design, Voice (Adelaide), Qube Konstrukt, Streetwise, KWP, Link, Steve Scott/Pod, Soap Creative, Ongarato Design, Carby Tuckwell, 3 Deep Design.

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