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Young Blood Market A Success!

acrylic necklaces (they call it perspex here)

Christiana necklace

The Young Blood Market was again a raging success at the Powerhouse during Sydney Design 06 and was one of it’s major features attracting thousands of shoppers looking for design with a local flavour. Yet there is no better endorsement than that of the visitor. They did this with their feet, their wallets and they even blogged about it!

If you delve deeper into SlaveToShopping’s posts you will come across a pretty honest review on the Sydney Design Program – some good, some not so good. There is a lot in the program despite the fact that the whole event belongs to the Powerhouse Museum as the main organising body, exhibitions and programed events take place over such wide ranging locations it is difficult to get from one location to another. In the effort to be inclusive both geographically and institutionally (opening the event to both commercial and non commercial entities) the event sprawls across Sydney in much the same way as do the our suburbs. I personaly would like to see a more centralised program @ the Powerhouse with a smaller number of major umbrella events in regional locations.

Perhaps you have suggestions. I know there have been suggestions of a bus in the past. This is not the solution but certainly a blockbuster ‘wow’ aspect needs to be introduced to refresh and make this program sustainable for future audiences.

Image via SlaveToShopping

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