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Other Histories: Guan Wei’s fable for a contemporary world

Guan Wei, creates another History for the Powerhouse Museum based on evidence inspired by Gavin Menzies’ controversial book 1421: the year China discovered the world.

In the book Menzies evidences Chinese antiquities, including an ancient navigation map, a compass, and a number of objects found in different countries that are said to have been connected with Zheng He’s voyages (1405-33). These objects also include a figurine of the Chinese God of Longevity, unearthed in Darwin in 1879 and now in the collection of the Powerhouse Museum. An object of much academic debate.

The project will bring an imaginary history to the public in the form of an exhibition, designed as an experiment in which Guan Wei re-assigns meaning to objects in the museum’s collection and combines them with his own mural painting narrative and re-creations of cultural relics. Objects and paintings will therefore be employed to substantiate an assumed history.

View the artist at work 18 September – 6 October, 1.00-5.00pm (Mon-Fri only)
Completed exhibition opens 11 October

Click here for more information

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