London design Festival


Well it’s on again and becoming larger and better each year – the London Design Festival.

As stated in the Art Daily

In February 2006 London was measured as the world’s favourite brand city, according to the latest Anholt-GMI City Brands Index Survey. Its creative industries are the envy of the world and its award winning designers and architects are in more demand than ever. As London becomes more accessible through the Eurostar terminal and Heathrow’s Terminal 5, and we look towards the Olympics and other destination events, London’s position as the world’s most creative city looks secure.

It is obvious the London Design Festival has become the benchmark for all other design festivals particularly for us Australians – we still have reason to look to mother England.

London Design Festival has seen visitor numbers increase from 100,000 in 2003 to more than 475,000 in 2005. Speaking at the opening of last years Festival, The Rt. Hon Gordon Brown MP observed that the festival “…has built up a world-wide reputation for its events, its vision, for cradling the British genius”, and that “…it is a symbol of the message that I believe the London Design Festival is sending around the world – in the new economy success does not happen by accident, it happens by design”.

A poignant comment considering the extensive support for the arts in London. I’m sure this hasn’t passed unnoticed by federal and local governmental bodies. Sydney has now entered it’s tenth year of presenting a design festival – one of the earliest in the global design calendar however perhaps due to the tyranny of distance, small population base and limited government support in the form of arts and crafts grants and from regional development and industry development offices, the festival has grown slowly despite evident talent. It seems Australians have a better chance of making it in any industry outside of the country than within it. How do we overcome this problem?

Via Art Daily

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