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Who you going to call for the latest in anything – the blogsphere

Some of the images of street fashion, top right,<br /> caught by Paris photographer and blogger Yvan Rodic on his<br /> Facehunter website.

Do you want to know what’s hip?

Do you want to know what’s cool?

Do you know what’s going on round town and what people are doing, saying, wearing?

Did you know the jumpsuit is way cool?

How about mixing and matching your prints, stripes and colours?

These could be, are and will be the latest fads and trends being worn, right now. If you wait for these trends and ideas to hit the magazines, catwalks and fashion stores you’re already out of date! So where do you get them – on-line of course. The Sydney Morning Herald today cites trendspotters who blog their finds are the next or rather THE big thing.


Australian publisher Bill Tikos is currently working on a television series featuring five cool-hunters who travel the planet looking for the latest thing


Australian director Peter Weir is working on a big-screen adaptation of William Gibson’s
novel Pattern Recognition, which tells the story of a New York cool-hunter in the post-September 11 world.

Blogs are it. You can post and immediately have an impact. A magazine takes much longer to make it to the shelves and even then there is no way to gauge reader reactions and response. On the other hand a blogger can have an immediate response to a post and opinion. Helen Lee, editor of Australian on-line fashion and beauty magazine sassybella, says

blogs have changed the fashion scene as people can now get up-to-date information about fashion shows in Paris, Milan, New York and London almost as they happen. “With the popularity of broadband, people can get up-to-date video feeds as well,” she says. “Blogs give a magazine-like commentary at the turnover time of newspapers. Whether they’re news blogs or fashion commentary blogs, it all happens a lot faster and you can find out what the latest trend is in Copenhagen or Denver.”

If you want to know how big the trend I suggest you read the article – it also has a great range of links including Yvan Rodic of Face Hunter and others for anyone interested.

Images via SMH

  1. September 22, 2006 at 7:03 pm

    I thought you were going to say ghostbusters in your title!

    So true! Blogs are much quicker to report trends than newspapers. Just take this SMH article for example – how long have sites like coolhunting and treehugger been on the web?! It’s an interesting article though.

  2. September 22, 2006 at 9:56 pm

    Welcome back to blogland Lisa – hope you’re settling and will be back online soon – I’m missing your posts and interesting finds. I think the thing I find incredibly interesting is the way each individual blogger curates their own sphere based on personal experience. I look forward to seeing what you and other favs will post next – it would be a shame if we all acted like lemmings and were directed by what we thought would be the most eye-catching, popular and reader generating posts rather than those that would provoke thought, opinion and challenge our normal way of thinking or simply reflect the way we individually think. Look forward to you next forays into cyberspace.

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