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High Tea with Mrs Woo

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Last year I had the pleasure o f inviting the girls from High Tea with Mrs s Woo to the Young Blood Market and they continued this year along the same path taking out a grant from the Department of State and Regional Development that will see them off to the shores of China to fulfill their travel dreams to add to the experiences and stories that feed their work.
Recently the three delightful sisters Rowena, Juliana and Angela who work together on the label contributed to the craft Australia Marketing blog to share their thoughts, stories , inspiration and secrets to success. Their honesty and unique approach makes interesting reading.

Here is an excerpt Read more…

Young lovers……..

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Pirate King T shirt and carry bag image via Cool Hunting

……..never die

Never say never, the T shirt is not dead!

They also make wonderful carry bags that look and feel like paper bags but in fact will not tear. Go you little ripper!

Check out Young Lovers Never Die website created by Yellow Studio.

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Liana Kabel – plastic girl

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Image via Moco loco

With a love of making things and a passion for selling as well Liana couldn’t go wrong. She sees her talents steeped in cultural / German / Sicilian merchant heritage with evidence of this through her second cousin Remo, known to all Australian’s for his stores and merchandising skills .

My Favourite is the tape measure brooch and Jack and Jill earings.

All items are available through her website

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Punch pattern lighting and screens

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Dform 3 Saucer

Fabulous light shade from dform featuring products made from flat sheet materials.  The method is simple however complex in appearance demonstrating interlocking die-cut wood veneer or plastic with layered surfaces creating pattern and shadow.  They are a new ‘warm’ trend in interior design.

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Sketches of Frank Gehry

+Sketches of Frank Gehry currently showing at the Dendy Cinemas in Sydney.

Frank Gehry is that rare kind of architect who has garnered both critical acclaim and popular recognition. His designs dramatically blur the line between art and architecture; his sketches and models are the basis for dynamic structures and unpredictable interiors. Gehry’s friend, Sidney Pollack, directs this film; akin in nature to Gehry’s own impromptu, free-hand style, the two men appear on film together, capturing this shy, elusive artist and illuminating his innovative process–including expansive depictions of Gehry’s most important architectural wonders across the globe.

For more information visit Dendy Cinemas

+Tom Dixon does the Powerhouse Museum

Wednesday 18 October , 6:30pm
More details here


Recognising their initiatives to promote sustainability and eco-friendly products in their industry The Laminex Group has been granted ‘Corporate Champion’ status for 2006/07 by the Green Building Council of Australia

+Green Cities 07

green cities home page

Australasian Conference & Expo 11 – 14 February 2007

This three-day conference and trade exhibition will be held at the Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour Conference speakers will include internationally-renowned and Australian experts in critical areas of green building

currently confirmed speakers.

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