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High Tea with Mrs Woo

Last year I had the pleasure o f inviting the girls from High Tea with Mrs s Woo to the Young Blood Market and they continued this year along the same path taking out a grant from the Department of State and Regional Development that will see them off to the shores of China to fulfill their travel dreams to add to the experiences and stories that feed their work.
Recently the three delightful sisters Rowena, Juliana and Angela who work together on the label contributed to the craft Australia Marketing blog to share their thoughts, stories , inspiration and secrets to success. Their honesty and unique approach makes interesting reading.

Here is an excerpt

We reach our market like a snowball, rolling down mountain – gaining
momentum into an avalanche, taking out a few innocent by-standers (ie.
parents, partners, friends) then turning into water down a river
(retailers), down waterfalls (media), into a busy harbour (our terrific
customers!) then out to sea (general public), lightning, thunder, wind
picks up speed (and a few new Mrs Woo fans?), rain, hail and snow falls
and the cycle starts again… gee, what a ridiculous answer! but sounds
about right, ha!

and here is another gem

…we name each garment in a collection with a title as though it is a
chapter in a book or a scene in a movie. Each garment is titled
according to where we imagine it worn by the character in that
collection. With cult films on SBS late at night (or very early in the
mornings, depending on which side of midnight…) and we have Asian
satelite TV and The Young and The Restless in the day keeps us
entertained while we work. Our love of travel, film and music is like
that leaky tap, dripping incessantly and eventually overflowing! If we
can’t physically travel and then at least our imagination can, through
our designs.

Yes, we design through stories and they are usually fueled by issues,
events, someone, something (etc) that are affecting us at the time we
start to think about the next collection! Business and pleasure are one
and the same for us so we’re constantly absorbing everything around us
and channeling it through our wares… so the answer is – yes, stories
inform our creative process.

They will certainly build up some more material for their collection on their Shanghai trip and I am looking forward to future collections.

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