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Favourite picks from Trendir

Trendir is a home decoration trends on line magazine with a range of things from bathroom fittings, fireplaces, taps, tile flooring and wall tiles , furniture and basically anything used as housing hardware to interior fittings and the furnishings to make them comfortable. One thing you won’t find on the site are such things as soft furnishings, even though bedrooms , lounge rooms come replete with the desired acutrements.

Here some of my favourite finds on their site


The Scintilla tile product from SensiTile comprises hundreds of light conducting channels that have been carved out of a clear pigmented polymer. These fiber-optics create a reaction to movement and changes in light, causing the tile to ripple, shimmer, and to capture and disperse adjacent colors across its surface. They’ve also made a Terrazzo product for floors made of concrete embedded with fibre-optics that flicker and move as you move.


Sensational ceramic tiles by Lubna Chowdhary are very yummy.


I love the Austerity of the Shaker stove by Antonio Citterio


Rustic flooring by Birger Juell is food for thought and the eyes creating an inviting surface for to walk over.


The Liqufloor by Cafe Interiors is made of durable layers of PVC that traps a colourful gel-like material between layers so that when pressure is applied to the floor by walking over it the liquid swirls and moves through the layers – an interactive ‘floor show’ to say the least

You’ll find more at Trendir

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  1. abbas
    March 5, 2010 at 4:13 am

    I am looking for some idia.
    How can i make and designe my resturant flooring.
    Have you any catalock and picture .
    Price list please
    Kind regards

  2. April 10, 2010 at 11:08 am

    Christiane Diehl, a talented and creative designer of landscapes and jewellery, has developed an array of sumptuous works using the rubber inner tubes used for bicycle wheels and other rubber bands.

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