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Antlitz: a local countenance


The jewellery of Dorte Bundt and Ke Wu, otherwise known as Antlitz, German for countenance, comes to town and is now available through Yoshi Jones where I am currently working sourcing designers and and doing a range of other things.

What makes our jewellery unique is the modular thinking behind the design concept: for the imagine series, the arrangement is divided into a triptych form, meaning the earrings and the pendant make up the three parts of the a full image, not only is this play of unity and division visually interesting but it’s also very functional. Antliz jewellery can be worn as set, individually or mix and matched with other jewellery.



More information can be found on their website or come down to Yoshi Jones’s to see the pieces first hand. The finish is quite remarkably luminous, lightweight with a specially treated scratch resistant surface with UV protection to avoid fading and discolouration. Each piece will retain it’s original appearance well into it’s lifespan.

Thanks Dorte for the images and the Imagine series. Stay tuned for more work from this couple in the coming month – word has it there is a new design to be released.

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