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+ Sydney Opera House has been rebranded by design giant Frost*.

Frost Design has created an identity for the Sydney Opera House, the first time in more than ten years that Australia’s iconic landmark has updated its marque. The consultancy chose a strongly typographic identity because the Sydney Opera House sail shape has become ubiquitous in logos of Australian companies, says Frost Design general manager and senior strategist Cat Burgess.


+ In the meantime Mumbai traffic police coasters wow us all with a very clever drink driving campaign . Whilst you may be enjoying a drink or two you are subtlety reminded of the dangers of drink driving by the images on the coasters appearing to bleed when moistened by your glass. A cleverly placed invisible red ink creates an eerie and effective illusion leaving me to wonder if this is a little more than just advertising? Very clever.

via 1+1=3

+ Designers need to become more responsible not only to remain relevant but also credible or face becoming their own worst enemy. Read this article by Bruce Nussbaum and this one in Core77 that highlights a growing ‘disaffection’ for the big name designers, a disaffection also felt by the protagonists. Does this finally mean designers will become more practical as well as responsible or is it elitist resentment against designs’ success?

Jasper Morrison comes to the rescue of design, crafting the way forward expounding an

“approach to design, of leaving out the design, [which seems] more and more of the way forward.” By this he means working hard to ‘design out’ designerly flourishes, so as to get at the essence of an object and reach an understanding of its appropriate position within a historical visual context—or as he puts it, crafting objects that know their ‘place in the society of things.’ (via Core77)

+ Take a look at Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa selection of objects for the Supernormal exhibition during the London Design Festival and enjoy the dialogue on the blog – an unusual privilege that accompanies the exhibition with comments continuing to this day.

+ Open Architecture Network has launched (8 March)

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