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On the Japan theme I thought I would also include this short video again via Jean Snow which is quickly becoming a favorite blog. This post is also dedicated to Nick – hope you’re having a good time.

After seeing this footage I can’t get over why here in Sydney we are so afraid of high density living. This video not only demonstrates that interesting places can exist in dense areas but that population is needed to support variety and  alternate spaces that may not otherwise survive in less populated areas. Check out the video and you will see what I mean. What a creative use of apartment spaces!

Neo-Ruins: lithographs of post- apocalyptic Tokyo

May 31, 2007 2 comments

Neo-Ruins --
Shibuya Center

Neo-Ruins --

Neo-Ruins --
Ginza Chuo Dori

Neo-Ruins --
Ginza 4-chrome intersection

The series of lithographs by Hisaharu Motada depicts the post-apocalyptic state of the city of Tokyo.

he says

“if you think of Japan, you may have a strong image of beautiful nature and oriental culture. However after experiencing the period of the high growth economy, Japan now suffers environmental disruption everywhere. When you come to the Japan, you might not even find it beautiful. It is a pity, but it is true.”

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Droog Starter Box

In case you were not already a fan and addict of the Droog collective here is a new and easy way to form an addiction via the Starter Box. This introduction to Droog should have you craving more Droog products and ‘hits’ in no time as you surround yourself with their creativity and cleverness. Similar to the IKEA concept for kitchens (however I don’t think it is available to Australians), the Droog box lets you sample some basic and iconic products.


Front Design

May 11, 2007 2 comments

Front design of sketch furniture fame……..if you don’t recall here is the video

Inspired by the joy of unwrapping chocolates,

Front have developed the ‘changing vase’


Curated by Naoto Fukasawa at 21_21 Design Sight (supported by the Issey Miyake foundation)

The members of Front, Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken, Anna Lindgren and Katja Sävström say

We in Front have been inspired by figuratively shaped chocolate wrapped in metal foil. The printed wrapping makes the chocolate into a decorative object and a toy. As a kid you were torn between wanting to tear off the wrapping to eat the chocolate or keeping it. We have made a series of vases in one: a Changing Vase. A chocolate brown glass vase is covered in five layers of foil. When you tear one layer off a new one will appear and change the expression of the vase.


designboom provides a little bit of background

+ stuff

+ it’s all over the web – Isabella Blow died yesterday

New York Times

in the Herald Tribune she was described as

one of the most imaginative, inventive and intelligent forces in fashion – and in her iconic self a work of art – has died in England.

Philip Treacy had made Isabella his muse throughout his designing career, in a tribute said of her

She was a great champion of young people. She came from the establishment but she was a punk at heart. Her love was talent, rather than money. Her ethos was beauty and elegance. And her encouragement was rare.

Thank you for ‘bettering our lives by exposing us to creativity’

+ this week coolhunter launched it’s Australian edition of the site, the first international edition of many to come

+ Scotland is about to launch it’s first design festival – The Six Cities Design Festival. More information here

+ nice design but perhaps a bit too close to the fruit loop by Australia’s own Lisa Vincitorio – the first designer to be picked up by Alessi whilst still a student!

See article about her success here

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