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+ Stuff: very very important stuff to do this weekend!

+ the 2nd Australian international green and renewable energy exhibition and conference is on this weekend. Highlight is Randall Pearce ACF representative and Al Gore’s climate messenger presenting “an inconvenient truth about Australia” at 4pm on Saturday 2nd of June in the main cinema of the venue. Other highlights include Green living zone, GREX innovation awards, house of the future competition, G-film world environment day short film festival and SRD Changex graduate design exhibits and an extensive seminar program covering topics such as the renewable city, water and energy conservation, renewable energy research, stawbale building technology, politics and climate change in Austrlaia along with many other topical disscusssions.

Entry is free on Friday (today for those with business and student cards) and only $15 over the weekend. For the where and what of it all go here and  here

+ and whilst you’re at the event (at the GREX technology Park, Eveleigh) also check out the changex exhibition

just in summary

SRD ChangeX is an annual exhibition of new graduate design and ideas that address issues of sustainability, environmental change and responsibility, social equity and community, often directly challenging conventional expectations. Exhibits are selected from a diverse range of areas, including industrial design, graphics, architecture, textiles, planning, landscape design and more. Featuring 2D / 3D works, audio/visual content and even high fashion models

so don’t miss it!


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