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Today I confess to neglecting my blog for a period of time for a number of excuses of which the Tour de France can take precedence, followed by a much needed rest and an overseas from a family member, my niece who I have not seen in three years. So here are a few tit bits I can offer until I can make a more concerted effort as we ramp up towards Sydney Design Week 07

+ Tour de France. Well here are a few things to distract you – my partner Phil is doing daily posts on SBS, Tour de Lounge but for those who are more visually oriented or graphic designers try this on 1+1=3 for a look at interesting logos and tour related designs

+ For the fashion conscious; Prada has developed an online auction of exclusive collectible pieces. You can track the history and people who make the bids as the site allows you to personalize your bid with information, including website links and images of yourself. The pieces are more affordable but still expensive – good luck!

+ Supertouch beautifully sums-up the processes behind the making of Damien Hirst’s “For the Love of God” diamond encrusted platinum skull recently on display at the White Cube Gallery, London. The step by step expose reveals not only the underlying structure but also the craftsmanship that went into the making. The skull is shockingly kitsch and controversial (is this a desecration?) and repulses and attracts us at the same time. How does he continually get away with this? Hirst is a master of promotion and great ideas that fit in with contemporary culture and on this ocassion allows for element of the macabre to enter the work by using the real teeth in the final setting. A stroke of genius? You be the judge



+ Wallpaper has nominated 101 of the world’s most interesting architectural practices in the world including Australia

+ treehugger reveals Bulbs Unlimited interesting system of recycling the average household light bulb


+ Sydney design 07 is about to launch with an array of exhibitions, events, walks and talks. The entire program can be found here. There is sure to be something for everyone. I’m looking forward to Schmuck Quickies with Yuka Oyama as well as many other exhibitions and events

+ dfactory death date explores life and durability of products and explores ways in which designers may be able to make their products more friendly to the environment as well as to the user


  1. danny bee
    August 24, 2007 at 2:26 pm

    ”I’m looking forward to Schmuck Quickies with Yuka Oyama”…..are people in Australia aware that SCHMUCK does not mean JEWELRY in German, it means “decoration”, which is cool, but are you also aware that in Yiddish and US English, schmuck means a stupid person, and literally, it means the foreskin of the penis, or in Yiddish, “little stick” referrring to the penis. So SCHMUCK QUICKIES might be misinterpreted by some people as refer to oral sex….. has anyone mentioned this in OZ yet?

  2. danny bee
    August 24, 2007 at 2:35 pm

    Schmucksachen is the correct word for Jewelry in German, i just found out by googling. sachen means things, scmuck means decoration. so decoration things is the full words…so maybe the show should be called, more correctly

    Schmucksachen quickies…..since SCHMUCK by itself means something a bit vulgar in English……but what do I know? I can’t speak Japanese or German……chimpoon kampoon!

  3. August 24, 2007 at 2:58 pm

    Well I must say this has come up in casual conversation regarding the word Schmuck however there seems to be a distinction regarding the use of the word in the German language to which the title is attributed. Yuka is based in Germany and the title and the pronunciation of the word is therefore relevant to the German language and context. If those of us who are aware of Yiddish want to have a bit of a joke then that’s fine too. And has it occurred to anyone out there that there may be deliberation or pleasure in the fact that there is a double entendre – makes for a catchy title and serves as a discriptor for the performance piece where Yuka quickly puts together a piece relevant to the individuals personality. It can’t be helped if sometimes they reflect the ‘schmuck’ within!

  4. August 25, 2007 at 10:12 pm

    Hi, biladesign, i agree, the double entendre works fine for those who get it and for those who don’t, no need to. SMILE. It’s minor minor faux pas, and maybe not even a faux pas, as Yuka told me by email she likes humor and is glad to give the world a chuckle. And I agree with her, and glad it’s no big deal. But just for your reference, “jewelry” in German is actually written and pronounced as “schmucksachen”. it means |decorative things” since schmuck just means decorations, and sachen means things or tsochkes. So a better title for her show might have been “Schmucksachen quickies” but might have been is not important now, water under the bridge, and a good laugh for anyone who wants to enjoy the hidden humor. Not laughing at Yukla, she is genius, just smiling at the coincidence of the word schmuchk getting so much international attention this way via the Internet. Google “schmuck quickies” and you will see. I love it. Glad everyone there has a sense of humor, too, and most of all, Yuka! Love what she is doing! Gambatte, as they say in Yiddish!

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